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Earn more from your payments data

Payfinity accounts are a flexible set of Martech tools that help you securely connect with partners and service providers so you can monetize every transaction.

How It Works

Payfinity Merchant

Share payment details with partners via the Payfinity Vault

Third-party partner recurring revenues, every transaction

How Payfinity Monetize works


One click account creation

Create an account once, then never again. Shoppers save their basic information during their first purchase within the network so they never have to enter personal or payment data again.

One click monetize across the network

Payfinity gives shoppers a one click monetization experience on any site in the network. Providing your brand with third party recurring revenues on every transaction—all paid by third-parties of the Payfinity network.



Secure recurring monetization and payment tokenization

Convenience, it turns out, equals revenue. Payfinity Accounts eliminate the need for multiple payments data monetization sources. It’s not a good idea to have multiple co-branded or in house advertising campaigns, and third parties competing for your payments data revenue. Payfinity Accounts keeps shoppers account information safe and secure and
recurring revenues flowing into your brand—all paid by the Payfinity network.

Features to up-level the entire purchase experience:

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