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Payfinity is the leading Payments Orchestration solution allowing you to optimize and future proof your payments.
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Successful digital businesses orchestrate payments with Payfinity

Enable Your Revenue Using One Single Effortless Integration

Don’t allow limitations with payment providers, non-robust reporting and compliance headaches to get in the way of growth. Expand to new markets fast, keep payments secure and in compliance, and adapt your payments stack to support your business strategy with a single integration.

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Optimize digital payments. Increase the ROI from each of your transactions

Solve things like payment success rates, latency, and costs that all vary widely by service, country, to future proof all things payments with Payfinity. Intelligently route transactions to the right mix of payment providers, gateways and related services. Gain the highest industry ROI from each transaction and boost the flexibility of your commerce infrastructure.

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Connect to any payment platform or service to leverage the entire commerce ecosystem

Deliver great experiences with partner merchants. You want customers to have a great experience even with complex transactions. Payccpet lets you execute complex transactions confidently and securely — while minimizing PCI scope. For example, merchants that sell health & wellness products can use Payfinity to transact with partner merchants that offer telehealth as part of their funnel.

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