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Payment processing integrations and solutions that scale.

Accept payments simply and securely: use Payfinity’s enterprise-grade payments processing solution as your payment facilitator, or keep your existing payment processor through a simple integration. Plus, offer customers more purchasing options by plugging into Payfinity’s integrations with top alternative payment methods—from digital wallets to installment payments to financing options.

In just under a year working with Payfinity, we've reported 6-digit increases in month-over-month revenues. A significant amount of that revenue is because of Payfinity.

An all-in-one solution with Payfinity Direct payments

Accept credit cards and local payment methods, leverage robust transaction and fraud reporting, and maintain one relationship for your end-to-end payment needs.

Tap into our payment network

Payfinity offers pre-built integrations with leading payment processors, and implementation is as easy as flipping a switch. You can plug your existing payment solution into the Payfinity platform, and let Payfinity perfect the rest of the checkout experience.

Grow AOV with alternative payment methods

Stay up-to-date with the newest payment methods in ecommerce to offer your customers the most convenient purchasing options. Plug into Payfinity’s network of APM integrations to offer your customers digital wallets, installment payments, or financing options.

Reliably secure

Offer shoppers speed of purchase without sacrificing added security. We encrypt bank account details, credit and debit card information, and personally identifiable information (PII) to maintain your shopper’s security and data privacy when they shop online.

As a PCI-DSS compliant partner, Payfinity complies with payment card industry standards by tokenizing all primary account numbers (PANs) processed through our checkout and ensuring that we don’t store this data on our server.

Real-time payment analytics

By owning checkout, fraud, and payments, we can provide online retailers with real-time analytics and next-level granularity so you can make informed business decisions. Review orders, monitor sales volume, and discover opportunities for growth.

Features to up-level the entire purchase experience:

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